Author: Francis Roberts

Erick Erickson Unwittingly Demonstrates How His Religion Prevents Reasoned Discussion

Erick Erickson again unwittingly demonstrates how his religion is harmful to reasoned discussion. Erick says, “putting someone in the Senate with that hanging over him is of questionable prudence that would all but eliminate the GOP’s ability to be taken seriously on the matter of harassment, assault, and indecent behavior. Moore in public office, with that level of ineptitude in his ability to defend himself right now would just be used by others to harm both Christians and conservatives in politics. (emphasis mine.) The fact Erick uses the words “Christians” in this context is critical. This should not be...

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Why the Worst Humans Are Able to Rise to Power

This post was great.  This post raises a question for me.  How can a Libertarian the learnings from the 20th Century to the 21st Century. Given Blockchains, A-Keys, and distributed ledgers, we can make Distributed Governance a reality.   Hayek would agree. In chapter ten of The Road to Serfdom , “Why the Worst Get on Top,” Hayek continues to warn about the dangers of planned economies, but with a slightly different approach from earlier chapters. Stepping into new territory, here we see Hayek not only identifying economic problems but also […] Click here to view original web page at...

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David Horowitz: Sure, Roy Moore Is a Child Molester, But Vote for Him Anyway!

This one tweet encapsulates everything that is wrong with our politics today: In my view Moore is guilty as accused. But 1) it happened 30 years ago, & 2) he can’t be removed from the ballot, & 3) electing a Dem strengthens a party that defends these criminals: Obama, […] Click here to view original web page at...

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Confirmation Bias, Selective Perception and Motivated Reasoning on Full Display by Right Wing Conservatives After Nov 2017 Elections

Here is the way one Right Wing Conservative takes away from the recent elections. “When you top all of this off with a bland, uninspiring, establishment Republican candidate with deep ties to the Bush family and the RNC, an 8% win for the Democrat is easy to understand and even predict.” These facts, a highly enthused single-issue Democrat base, a much higher percentage of suburbanites voting Democrat and an under motivated Republican base doesn’t mean the final results can be extrapolated to any other state. There are too many distinctives attached to the commonwealth, not the least of which...

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