Erick Erickson Gets it Wrong About the Russians Again by Not Looking In the Mirror First.

Erick Erickson Gets it Wrong About the Russians Again by Not Looking In the Mirror First.

Erick Erickson gets it wrong again in his latest post by blaming others and not looking in the mirror first, when he talks about the Russians.

Erick Erickson is a Christian.  Erick makes that clear.  Two quotes come to mind, “those without sin should cast the first stone,” and “check the log in your eye before you criticize the splinter in my eye.”

In his latest post on the Russians, Erick writes this,

The only winner besides Putin is His Majesty Anthony Kennedy who just keeps getting more justification for propping up the judicial oligarchy to run our lives since the political branches can’t.

There is so much in this one quote.

Let me start with the NFL and Standing for the Country.  Erick writes, “oligarchy to run our lives.”  I consider someone telling me how I must show respect – Stand, Take my hat off, & Put my hand over my heart – as someone trying to run my life.  In fact, I see Christians trying to run my life in a lot a ways.  The want me to stand up to say a Christian prayer, or the don’t want me to buy beer before 1 on Sunday.  So, I see Christians as trying to tell me how to “run our lives.”  If Erick would look in the mirror he would see that.  The fact that when he does look in the mirror he does not see it, concerns me.


Now let me expand his quote to “judicial oligarchy to run our lives.”  His post was about the Russians, yet he creates a new boogyman – “judicial oligarchy.”  Specifically, he attacks Justice Kennedy by calling him “His Majesty Anthony Kennedy.”  (Notice the ad hominem – personal – attack.)  Erick’s point is that the Russians are winning because of the judicial branch of our country.  What does that mean?  How does the Judicial Branch help the Russians?  He needs to be specific.  If Erick would look in the mirror he would see that he talks about the judicial branch a lot, mostly to criticize it.  But, what he is saying is that somehow the judicial branch is helping the Russians.  If Erick would look in the mirror he would see his fascist tendencies (which we all have) are coming out here.  If Erick would look in the Mirror he would see that his anger at the Judicial Branch is because, as a fascist, any brake on the executive branch is counter productive.  If Erick would look in the mirror he would see how this fits his Christian faith narrative, in that the Bible is the Executive branch and there can be no changes.  Erick Christian faith easily allows for a strong father.


Finally, he completes his point by adding how the Political Branch can’t help us either, “judicial oligarchy to run our lives since the political branches can’t.”  This again adds to the narrative of the  fascist, or using George Lakoff’s narratives, The Strong Father, where only a strong leader can save us.  Which is consistent with Erick’s view of his Christian faith.  It all fits together.

If only Erick would look in the mirror and see it?  But he sees something completely different when he looks in the mirror.  And therein lies the problem.  Who Erick thinks he is, and who I think Erick is are two different narratives.

Concentration Camps Expert Says Trump Just Endorsed The Idea Of Them In U.S.

Concentration Camps Expert Says Trump Just Endorsed The Idea Of Them In U.S.

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President Donald Trump ’s pardon of former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio amounts to an endorsement of the idea of concentration camps, says a journalist who has reported on the global history of the deadly facilities. Arpaio referred to his own county jail as a “ concentration camp .” For […]

It’s happened again: Car drives into marchers at LGBT vigil

It’s happened again: Car drives into marchers at LGBT vigil

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The latest on the “hit and kill” bills.

The ACLU labeled these “hit and kill” bills, correctly predicting they would embolden extremists and undermine the right to free assembly.

Witness Elizabeth Gombos of Pocahontas described the incident.

“After we were already in front of the car, he made a point to stop, flip us off with both hands and then he accelerated,” Gombos said. “Once he hit people, that’s when people lost it. Once people realized he was going to hurt people, they started to hit his car. I’m not going to deny they hit his car. They hit it with whatever they had … fist, feet. They were trying to make him stop.”

There are photos and cell-phone videos at the links:

The vigil has been held to honor Kenny “Kiwi” Herring, whom police said stabbed a neighbor she felt had been threatening her, according to friends and family. Herring also stabbed the arm of a police officer who responded to the incident, and was fatally shot by police.

The driver of the car was apprehended by police a block away from the clash after a short chase. No information is yet available as to his identity, though he is described as a white male. The march broke up shortly after the incident.

People are losing their minds. I can only assume that those who have hate in their hearts have heard of GOP-driven legislation in six states including North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas that would have shielded drivers from civil liability if they hit protesters. All the bills died, but it appears some are taking it as a permission slip to ram protesters.

It has happened again . . . I haven’t seen this diaried here, and it hasn’t made it on TV yet, but the St. Louis Post Dispatch, London Independent and Huffington Post are all reporting another hate-motivated ramming of protesters with a vehicle. We saw it Charlottesville and now […]

The Charlottesville Murder of Heather Heyer Will Not Stop Fascists From Wanting to Kill Protesters?

A sad, but predictable trend, is becoming apparent. Fascists in the Republican Party are becoming embolden.  My evidence?  Republican Legislators have introduced bills in at least 6 States intended to suppress the 1st Amendment Right to Assemble by legalizing the use a vehicle to attack the assemblers.

Apparently fascist Republicans believe it a great idea to enact laws that empower some of their even more fascist constituents use a car or truck against those they don’t like  hit them with cars.

That’s not an exaggeration or an overstatement. I’ve seen more than one Google and Facebook post with comments about running over the people in the streets.

The GOP decided to codify that behavior by writing laws that would reduce or remove penalties for drivers who do just that.

Beginning with North Dakota, lawmakers in six states began to pen a series of proposals that all looked very similar to each other. House Bill 1203 would set the tone:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a driver of a motor vehicle who unintentionally causes injury or death to an individual obstructing vehicular traffic on a public road, street, or highway, is not guilty of an offense.

Similar laws cropped up in Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Texas. These heartless laws were part of a larger effort by Republicans to stifle dissent on a larger scale; a proposal in Oregon would have required schools to expel protesters even peripherally involved in a riot, while one in Ferguson, Missouri — the heartland of the Black Lives Matter movement — would have created an offense called “unlawful traffic interference” with which protesters could be charged if they stood in the path of any important white people on their way to do important white people things.

It took until the murder of Heather Heyer for Fox Nation to take down a video posted in humor on their website entitled “Here’s A Reel Of Cars Plowing Through Protesters Trying To Block The Road.”

I guess this like what a conscience looks like on Fox?

But even after the events of this last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, those GOP legislators are still defending their bills. On Sunday, Texas Rep. Pat Fallon was wondering if “the far left” knew the difference between a street and a highway. He deleted his social media posts, but his proposal remains:

A person operating a motor vehicle who injures another person with the motor vehicle is not liable for the injury if, at the time of the injury:(1) the person operating the motor vehicle was exercising due care; and (2)  the person injured was blocking traffic in a public right-of-way while participating in a protest or demonstration.

Any wild guesses what it might take in Texas to prove you were “exercising due care” when you hit that troublesome agitator?