Teach truth about the virtues of slavery

Teach truth about the virtues of slavery

This was a letter to the editor published in thestate.com.

The question I have is how many believe the facts and conclusions listed here in whole or in part?

The recent controversy about Confederate monuments and flags ultimately revolves around one man and one question. The man is John C. Calhoun, the great philosopher and statesman from South Carolina, and the spiritual founding father of the Confederacy. The question is: Was Calhoun right or wrong when he argued, […]

Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel

Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel

2017 Special Election Runoff Candidates Two Candidates Left The Special Election for Tom Price’s Seat is now down to two candidates – Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel. The primary provided critical quantitative data on the mode of the Nation, post Trump. A Liberal, Jon Ossoff, and an “Establishment” Conservative, […]

Black Voters Aren’t Turning Out For The Post-Obama Democratic Party

Black Voters Aren’t Turning Out For The Post-Obama Democratic Party

Then-President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District is the first major test of the Democratic resistance to President Trump. In one sense, the results of the first round in April were […]

Do Trump Voters Want the Candidate with Most Votes to Win the November Election Too? I Suspect Not.

In 2000 Bush received 50,456M  Gore received 50,996M  Gore won the popular vote, but lost the election.

My question to Trump Voters, given your position on who should win the GOP Primary, who do you believe should have won the 2000 election.

Trump Voters say that the one with the most votes should win the GOP Primary, but I suspect they will say that popular vote should not be the decider in a November Election.

The reason is simple and obvious; Shifting Demographics.

I found the following at Donald Trump And America’s ‘Second Civil War

It provided the podcast below.

The Podcast Starts out with a discussion of the Voter suppression in the Arizona Primary Election.

And then goes on to talk with Steve Ross, a history professor at the University of Southern California.

In the Podcast Steve Ross Says,

“What we’re seeing [with Trump’s rise] is what I would call the second Civil War,”

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election, and for the first time in American history, a president was elected without getting a single electoral vote from the South. Southerners could see the writing on the wall: a future in which the North could keep electing presidents without them, and eventually outlaw slavery — either through Congress or the Supreme Court. So Southern states seceded from the union, launching historians have termed a “pre-emptive counter-revolution.” Looking at demographic trends today, Trump’s Supporters are making a similar calculation.

It’s not that all of Trump’s supporters want to own slaves or secede from the United States. But they can see their political clout disappearing, and are responding by supporting an extremist movement.

To Ross, a parallel with the mid-19th century American South is clearer than the common refrain that Trump is a fascist, although he emphasizes that Trump shares key characteristics with fascist leaders of the 20th century — a propensity for political violence, aggressively xenophobic hypernationalism and a loathing of the political left.

“Donald Trump is certainly on the road to fascism,” Ross said. “He is right now doing things that fascists do.”

I don’t actually like podcasts, they are too boring without video, but there is good information that we can use here.

I particularly like the idea of Shifting Demographics as the Root Cause of the Anger by Trump Supporters!  I think that makes perfect sense.

Of Course that raises another question, will Trump Voters accept these demographic changes peacefully.  I don’t think so.  But, hopefully a significant majority will do the right thing.  And we will get through this period without too much violence.  After all Peace is a relative to the context.

The only way Trump Voters are able to keep their voting majority today is through significant gerrymandering, voter suppression, and driving everything down to the State and Local level.  But, that will not stem the tide for much longer.  Their adherence to a 1st Century fixed text grows less reasonable every day.

The challenge is will they peacefully accept the new demographics?

Trump saying there will be riots if the is not the nominee is going to be a true test of democracy.  Will at some point Trump Voters accept defeat peacefully, or will there be riots?

I don’t think Trump Voters are really fans of Democracy if they are in the Minority?



5 Things We Need to Discuss About the Oregon Uprising by Armed White Folks (AWFs)

Here are 5 important things to discuss about the Oregon Uprising by Armed White Folks (AWFs).  First, let’s be clear, this latest uprising by AWFs should come as no surprise to anyone that’s paying attention.  When Sharon Angle, Nevada Senate Candidate in 2008, said that AWFs will resort to their “2nd Amendment Remedies,” this is exactly what she was talking about.

This current occupation is part of a pattern for these far-right political movements most notably the AWFs.

We need to discuss this in order to understand the larger context for this type of action by AWFs.  We, as the 6th District Learning Community, need to understand, who the occupiers are, and who actually supports their radical viewpoints.  And we need to understand the level of support for AWFs in the 6th District.

1. Is this just another example of Individuals trying to acquire land, but with guns?

This could be easily viewed as simply a land battle that has been going on in the West for 100’s of Years.  It is possible that these actions by AWFs is not a political movement but and economic movement.

For 100’s of years Westerners have been trying to dismantle federal land ownership in the West.  However, the Malheur takeover seems to up the stakes, by using the tactic of “Armed Federal Land Takeovers.” These armed groups are part of the “Patriot movement”—the successor to the 1990s militia movement—which has seen a rebirth since the election of Barack Obama in 2008.  And this rebirth has been fueled by Right Wing Media.

2. Armed White Folks are Fueled by Conservative and Right Wing Media.

Confirmation Bias, Selective Perception, and Motivated Reasoning exist as a human condition.  We all do it.  Reasonable people understand they do it, and seek out information that prevents this conclusion skewing triad (Confirmation Bias, Selective Perception, and Motivated Reasoning) from leading them to poor conclusions.

However, AWFs live in a conservative and right wing media bubble.  AWFs have come to the conclusion that the community, through the force of government, will detain AWFs, seize privately held guns, turn the cities into concentration camps, and allow the UN (or China) to invade.  They further believe that “Political Correctness” has prevented AWFs from speaking the truth about black folks, brown immigrants, and Jews and as a result black folks, brown immigrants, and Jews have taken over “THEIR” country.

Rush Limbaugh, the Druge Report, Mark Levin, and of course Robert Murdoch have built a self reinforcing flow of media that feeds AWFs confirmation bias through selective reporting.  Conservative and Right Wing Media know the answer that AWFs want to come to, that is called motivated reasoning.  All they have to do is package selective information in ways that feed that reasoning.

Given the large quantity of information available it is not difficult at all to feed these conclusions.

3. The ‘AWF’ movement is the 21st Century Version of the 1970’s White Power movement.

Back in the 1970s there was a White Power group called the “Posse Comitatus.”   This group, and other White Power groups promoted the “Christian Patriot” movement, advocated the formation of “Citizens Militias,” helped forge an idiosyncratic reading of the Constitution, said the county sheriff was the highest elected official that should be obeyed, and opposed federal environmental restrictions.  They still try to recruit county sheriffs; the sheriff in Harney County (where Burns is located) was asked to provide sanctuary for the Hammonds from the federal government. He refused.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, recently furthered this position when he said that the Supreme Court decision invalidates the marriage bans in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee — that is, the specific laws named in Obergefell — but not necessarily in Alabama.

One could even go back further to the Civil War and the freeing of black folks and easily see the central thread running through the movement.  The central thread is that “Freedom” means the “Freedom” of White Christians to force their dominion over non White folks like them.

This is why the concept of “Political Correctness” resonates so strongly with AWFs.  AWFs truly believe white folks freedoms are being taken away.  And they believe that one of the biggest freedoms being taken away by political correctness is the freedom to call blacks lazy, aggressive, and stupid, which they truly believe they are, and the freedom to point out that Jews run the Media and the Banks.

The AWFs leading the Masher occupation, claim that what is happening to white folks all over the county is unconstitutional. This view of the Constitution is based on a position promoted by Posse Comitatus. AWFs believe the  Constitution could be interpreted by individual right-wing activists in a way that allowed them to have more jurisdiction than federal courts do. The Sovereign Citizens are the best-known movement that promotes these crank legal theories today. For example, Pete Santilli, who livestreamed the Burns march and went to the Malheur takeover, promotes these ideas.

4. The Power that AWFs are Demonstrating in the Malheur Takeover is on the Rise.

Everyday more guns are sold.  Everyday, AWFs get angrier.  This recent Malheur takeover is not the end for AWFs trying to demonstrate power, but just another example.

Recent demonstrations of AWFs in front of Mosques is another example.

Unfortunately the larger community cannot directly stop AWFs from demonstrating their power, because, despite what AWFs believe, white folks still control the community.

The April 2014 standoff at Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch—when AWFs came to the aid of a radical right-wing rancher who refused to pay his fees for grazing on public land and trained rifles on federal agents—was taken another example.  And the fact that the Community has not prosecuted Cliven Bundy or his allies for anything that happened there simply adds wind to AWFs sails. .

5. Does the Larger Community Support AWFs Taking Back the Freedoms By Force?

What does the 6th District think of AWFs acting this way?

A number of Patriot movement activists denounced any support of the Hammonds beforehand. The Oath Keepers, a national group, refused to come to the march, saying the Hammonds had not asked for help. Furthermore, the group said that Oregon members who helped organize the protest would be reprimanded. And, although details are not known, it appears that the vast majority of activists who are taking over Malheur are largely out-of-staters from Nevada and Arizona. While they hope to rally widespread support, that doesn’t seem to be happening.

The question for 6th district is: what can we learn from this.