Erick Erickson gets it wrong again in his latest post by blaming others and not looking in the mirror first, when he talks about the Russians.

Erick Erickson is a Christian.  Erick makes that clear.  Two quotes come to mind, “those without sin should cast the first stone,” and “check the log in your eye before you criticize the splinter in my eye.”

In his latest post on the Russians, Erick writes this,

The only winner besides Putin is His Majesty Anthony Kennedy who just keeps getting more justification for propping up the judicial oligarchy to run our lives since the political branches can’t.

There is so much in this one quote.

Let me start with the NFL and Standing for the Country.  Erick writes, “oligarchy to run our lives.”  I consider someone telling me how I must show respect – Stand, Take my hat off, & Put my hand over my heart – as someone trying to run my life.  In fact, I see Christians trying to run my life in a lot a ways.  The want me to stand up to say a Christian prayer, or the don’t want me to buy beer before 1 on Sunday.  So, I see Christians as trying to tell me how to “run our lives.”  If Erick would look in the mirror he would see that.  The fact that when he does look in the mirror he does not see it, concerns me.


Now let me expand his quote to “judicial oligarchy to run our lives.”  His post was about the Russians, yet he creates a new boogyman – “judicial oligarchy.”  Specifically, he attacks Justice Kennedy by calling him “His Majesty Anthony Kennedy.”  (Notice the ad hominem – personal – attack.)  Erick’s point is that the Russians are winning because of the judicial branch of our country.  What does that mean?  How does the Judicial Branch help the Russians?  He needs to be specific.  If Erick would look in the mirror he would see that he talks about the judicial branch a lot, mostly to criticize it.  But, what he is saying is that somehow the judicial branch is helping the Russians.  If Erick would look in the mirror he would see his fascist tendencies (which we all have) are coming out here.  If Erick would look in the Mirror he would see that his anger at the Judicial Branch is because, as a fascist, any brake on the executive branch is counter productive.  If Erick would look in the mirror he would see how this fits his Christian faith narrative, in that the Bible is the Executive branch and there can be no changes.  Erick Christian faith easily allows for a strong father.


Finally, he completes his point by adding how the Political Branch can’t help us either, “judicial oligarchy to run our lives since the political branches can’t.”  This again adds to the narrative of the  fascist, or using George Lakoff’s narratives, The Strong Father, where only a strong leader can save us.  Which is consistent with Erick’s view of his Christian faith.  It all fits together.

If only Erick would look in the mirror and see it?  But he sees something completely different when he looks in the mirror.  And therein lies the problem.  Who Erick thinks he is, and who I think Erick is are two different narratives.