Thankfully, we have Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska. He is often the source of a much-needed perspective. This was again the case as he shared his thoughts on Facebook in an honest, searing, and sobering post entitled ‘The Next Charlottesville.’ In it, he is unafraid to call out the alt-right, racism, white supremacy, the president, the weak understanding about our own American past, and the lack of love for one another.

Let’s teach our kids why our First Amendment Society fights with debate, not violence. Let’s teach them that those standing in threatening mobs don’t stand with America. Let’s teach them that white supremacy is a cancer to our union. Let’s teach them to reject identity politics. Let’s teach them that all of us are created equal, with infinite dignity and limitless potential. Let’s teach them that what makes us Americans is not our skin, our wealth, or our religion but our shared creed. ‎