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Learning Threads

Learning Threads are specific areas of study the community or individual wants to learn more about in order to thrive in the 21st Century.

Learning Threads can be very narrow like “Should Conservatives support the proposed Obamacare Repeal and Replace bill before the Senate.”  Or learning threads can be very broad like “What is the best Healthcare system for our Community.”  Learning threads could also be very technical, like, “What is the definition of Hate Speech in terms of 1st Amendment protection.”

All learning threads start with a question and must have at least one answer.  The community then adds value by suggesting facts, conclusions, and recommended actions that either support a specific answer to suggest a different answer.

Learning questions, answers, and value added information is fully editable by the community via a “Wiki” approach and limited by the level of the community membership.

Learning threads start with questions, like, “What is the best Healthcare Policy for the community.”  Then one or more answers are proposed, like 1) The best healthcare policy is Medicare for All, or 2) The best healthcare policy is to have no healthcare policy.

Then the community offers facts, conclusions, and recommended actions that support or counter a particular answer.  Each individual community member can then evaluate the questions and answers and either agree, disagree, and/or suggest why they agree or disagree.

The reason this can work is that all learning communities agree to use a communication standard that allows better valuation of the require that all participants to the learning tracks be vetted so individuals within the community can better value the contributions.

And, as with any Wiki, any changes to specific answers or questions must go through a review process.

Learning Threads can be weaved together to create a personal learning curriculum.