Conservative Stacey Lennox posted a great example of Conservative’s ignorance of 21st Century media.

As often happens, when I read a Conservative talk about 21st Century media, I struggle with their intent.  Stacey’s latest post criticizing Twitter is no exception.

It seems Stacey doesn’t like Twitter because they block Conservatives from promoting Conservatism.  Stacey calls it TWC” or “Tweeting While Conservative.”  Using a common rhetorical technique Stacey provides some facts that support the view that Twitter is a “Liberal” media and they are out to get “Conservatives.”  The problem with that rhetorical technique is that Stacey clearly cherry picks the facts that support that view.  Right now, as I write this, I can guarantee there are plenty of Conservative Twitter accounts promoting Conservative ideas.  (I know because I get them on my Tweeter feed.)


Things I agree with.

Let me start with things Stacey said agree with – “Transparency.”  Apparently Stacey believes more transparency would help the situation.  I agree.  Stacey seems to believe that transparency means knowing how Twitter administers their TOS (Terms of Service.)  I agree.

But, for me, that specific aspect of transparency is a minor issue.  I think a more important aspect of transparency is knowing the source and intent of the Twitter post.  Stacey used a number of Twitter accounts to support the conclusion that TWC is a real thing.  (Now, if I could talk to Stacey about this, I would ask Stacey if “DWB,” (Driving While Black) is a real thing too.)  From a transparency standpoint I would ask to see the posts these Twitter accounts posted.  I would like to see what the Intent of the poster was.  I would like to see the source of the facts they may have presented.  For me, that is transparency.


Things I disagree with

Twitter is a private business and therefore can, and should, decide what users on their platform can do.  If Stacey does not like Twitter, find a better social media platform.

Stacey makes the following statement, “I believe based on my own experience and observations it is an utter failure in the Twitter algorithm combined with the fact that Twitter Support does not do a personal review of most reports or appeals.”  So, Stacey suggests a better way for Twitter to manager the media.   Again, if Stacey thinks there is a better way, create it and deploy it and manage it.  Don’t lash out at the “Liberal” media simply because you don’t agree with their TOS and they way they operationalize their TOS.

Stacey says, “When Conservatives see garbage like this flow through our mentions from verified Liberals with no consequences it only reinforces the perception.”  This is important,  The idea of reinforcing our perceptions is deep in my view of media literacy.  Terms like, Confirmation Bias, Selective perception, and motivated reasoning are important terms.

I agree with Stacey on this, but Stacey seems to imply that Conservative media does not do that.