Erick Erickson believes the biggest take-a-way from Jeff Flake is to focus on Flake’s, “opportunistic attempts to gain sympathy from the city he once pledged to shrink and rewrite the truth.”

While Erick may be right (I don’t think so, but Erick could be right), his choice to ignore that Flack Said “and focus on Ad hominem – Personal Attacks clearly demonstrates why the world is in deep trouble.  Conservatives don’t care about content, they only care about conformity to the right wing tribe.  (By the way, this was also exposed by the mandate that everyone show respect – stand up, remove hat, and put hand over your heart – in the exact same way.  Doesn’t matter what’s in your heart, all that matters is conformity to the tribe.)

Here is the video. You decide for yourself.


A Key to Media Literacy is Understanding “Narratives”

One thing I agree with Erick on is everyone has “narratives they want to push.”  Confirmation bias, Selective Perception, and motivated reasoning  work together with our normal brain functions to feed our narratives.

So, the narrative Erick, and other seems to be pushing, is that “Flake is no martyr. You can love his speech, and it was good, but let’s not kid ourselves. Flake says our kids are going to ask what we did to stop what is happening and Flake’s honest answer will be he quit. And he is quitting.”  What does that mean?  Steve Bannon quit and he is more influential outside than inside.

But, Flake said it wasn’t that he was quitting, as much as he saw that he could not win and be true to his beliefs.

Is Erick asking our representatives to put winning ahead of their principles?  Of course not.  But, that is what it sounds, like.

I want to remind everyone that, as Erick points out, “Jeff Flake had a 100% lifetime Club for Growth record in the United States House of Representatives. He was a conservative’s conservative and stood up to the House GOP leadership. He used that reputation to catapult himself into the Senate with the backing of most every major conservative group. He towed a tough line on the budget, Obamacare, immigration, etc.


Erick ignores Flake’s “Fancy Speech”

Erick writes, “So yesterday he gave a fancy speech giving all the anti-Trump forces their rhetorical viagra. … His war with President Trump and his cri de coeur yesterday were opportunistic attempts to gain sympathy from the city he once pledged to shrink and rewrite the truth.”

But listen to the speech and then let’s talk about the content of that speech.  No one can know for sure, with a capital K, why Flake gave that speech.  Erick can have his opinion.  I can have mine.

However, if you listen to his speech and take Flake for his words than it is not hard to draw the conclusions that the reason Flake gave the speech is he cares more about America than he does about the GOP.

God bless him for that.