One Right Wing Media type, Sarah Lee (not related to the pastry company), attempted to lecture us Liberal on how bad our Left Wing Media is.

The problem with this is, all media is biased.  As a result, I’m reminded off Matthew 7:5 “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

Before you lecture me on known causes of Media Bias – Confirmation Bias, Selective Perception, and Motivated Reasoning, you have to acknowledge that you do the same thing.

But, her propagation of this story raises an interesting opportunity to do some of our own analysis.


Let’s start with the actual NYTs Post – Santa Monica Symphony Roiled by Conservative Guest Conductor.

I am pretty sure this is the post she is referring to since she says, These named outlets reported on the “contentious” host with “divisive” views “roiled” the orchestra and was, to summarize, a real problem conductor who should not have been invited and was roundly despised by those he would conduct.

Here is the NPR Story – Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra Confronts Controversy Over Right-Wing Guest Conductor

And here are two LA Times Stores about this, When Dennis Prager conducts Santa Monica Symphony, there’s no avoiding politics, and Dennis Prager draws classical newbies, and a musicians’ boycott, at Disney Hall concert

Now here is the story from the Right Wing Media – Sometimes the Good Guys Win.  (It is critical to notice that this story headline talks about “Good Guys” and “Winning.”  Either the NYTs Post or the NPR Post had a headline that describe one side as “good” and the other side as “bad.”

Here is the Fox News take on it – Liberal boycott backfires; Dennis Prager sells out Santa Monica symphony in guest appearance.  The key here is that I was not able to find a place that said that “Liberals” tried force a “boycott.”

There is more to this, but let me stop for a second.

I’m a left wing type and I thought it would be great to discuss this.  However, I suspect no Right Wing Media Type will actually be willing to discuss this in a reasonable way.