Another Conservative unwittingly exposes the truth about Trumpism – It is all about “Strength.”

Listen to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and she’s tell you constantly that the people elected a “Strong” leader.  This is consistent with the George Lakoff narratives of the “strong father” or the fascist narrative of a strong executive.

Here specifically is the quote from .  The post’s author offers Jeff Flake’s question, “But what happens if ambition fails to counteract ambition? What happens if stability fails to assert itself in the face of chaos and instability? If decency fails to call out indecency? Were the shoe on the other foot, we Republicans — would we Republicans meekly accept such behavior on display from dominant Democrats?”  Then the Mr. Giller answers that question with, “The answer to that question is yes, the GOP has meekly accepted such behavior from dominant Democrats–and they’ve been doing it for a long time.”

Notice specifically the modifier “meekly.”  This is clearly a measure of strength.  When the GOP was able to stop Obama from appointing a Supreme Court Justice, I thought that was great power.  I did not see anything “meek” about that.  But, Mr. Giller seems to think the GOP was “meek.”  Mr. Giller pointed out that the GOP meekness was noticed by “Trumpers.”  Giller says, None of that happened in a vacuum. GOP voters noticed, and started asking, “How come our guys don’t get as nasty with them as they get with us?  … and decided to send away for Donald Trump’s body building kit.”

You see it is about messenger, not the message.  They believe their message is from God and therefor the message is correct.  If the message is not being forced on others (example the desire to force everyone to physically show respect – standing up, removing your hat, and putting your hand over your heart) successfully the problem is the messenger, not the message. If our leaders where stronger they could force others to conform.

There is a lot in this too on Media Literacy, but we will deal with that later.