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Notice in the Heritage Foundation fundraising letter below that they unwittingly expose the fundamental fallacy of Conservatism.

Notice they point out the mutually exclusive principles of “free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom” on one hand and a “strong national defense” on the other hand.  I could be wrong but I think free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom are mutually exclusive with “strong national defense.

Free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom are Anti-Fascist.  Strong national defense is Pro-Fascist.  Fascism and Anti-Fascism are mutually exclusive world views.

I also find it ironic that Conservatives need to ask for money to promote these conservative principles.  I would think if the principles are so great, they should promote themselves.  If the principles are so great, you shouldn’t need money to promote them.


Heritage Fundraising Letter




(And, as always, if you think I’ve drawn the wrong conclusions here, I’d be interested in you pointing out where I’m wrong.)