Here is the way one Right Wing Conservative takes away from the recent elections.

  1. “When you top all of this off with a bland, uninspiring, establishment Republican candidate with deep ties to the Bush family and the RNC, an 8% win for the Democrat is easy to understand and even predict.”
  2. These facts, a highly enthused single-issue Democrat base, a much higher percentage of suburbanites voting Democrat and an under motivated Republican base doesn’t mean the final results can be extrapolated to any other state. There are too many distinctives attached to the commonwealth, not the least of which is the bureaucratic deep-state’s hatred of our President.
  3. Perhaps the best way to see these results is as an affirmation for the President Trump. He must be doing something right for these swamp things to have such an abiding animus against him. And it is this continuing rage which will rebound to his favor in fly-over country in 2018. You know, where the basket of bible clutching, gun clinging, beer drinking deplorables live?
  4. There’s a Deep South saying: “If you wrestle a pig, don’t be surprised if you wind up filthy.” Well, the swamp has voted, and the swamp MSM is now cheering the victory as some kind of long-term indicator of Trump ruination. But it’s really just swamp things doing what swamp things do. Nothing more. Nothing less.


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Perfect example of Confirmation Bias, Selective Perception, and Motivated Reasoning.

Let’s start with Motivated Reason.  Motivated reasoning, in case you’re new to the term, is letting your gut emotions shape your thinking or arguing in an identity protective fashion—to protect who you are, what group you belong to, your religious beliefs, your political views, etc. This is an extremely important phenomenon, incidentally, because whenever we see large scale politicized denials of reality—for instance, #1 above, the losses in this last election are easily explainable —it is likely that motivated reasoning is involved.  Conservatives, particularly religious conservatives, want to believe that God would never allow bad things to happen, so they are motivated to reason everything is exactly the way it should be.

Selection perception is easily seen by their lack of mention of the Republican loses in the very Red State Georgia.  They explain away Virginia and New Jersey by saying they are really Blue States.  But, notice they say nothing of the losses in the Red State of Georgia.  Also, Conservatives fail to consider a stark reversal of fate from eight years ago, when Republicans dominated 2009’s off-year elections in those two states, foreshadowing an historic national midterm wave the following year.

And Confirmation Bias is on clear display by their continued support for Trump.  They cannot admit to themselves they were wrong supporting Trump and the Alt-Right.