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A ‘make Trump furious’ Democrat navigates race for Georgia’s Sixth

Republicans target Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s Sixth with ‘Han Solo’ ad





Jon Ossoff doesn’t live in the district.

Jon Ossoff lives about 10 minutes south of the district, according to a campaign spokesman. Ossoff grew up in the district and has been registered to vote in it for many years. Ossoff’s parents also live in the district, and Ossoff moved out of the 6th and into an Emory-area neighborhood to be close to his girlfriend of 13 years, who started medical school.

As soon as she finishes school, Ossoff’s campaign said he plans to move back into the district.



Democrat aiming for Tom Price’s seat picks up key supporter

Jon Ossoff already has at least $550,000 in the bank thanks to a fundraiser on the Daily Kos website. Ossoff also boasts of receiving endorsementsfrom Reps. John Lewis—of “all talk, no action” fame—and Hank Johnson, his former boss from Ossoff’s days as a congressional aide.  By positioning himself as the only true “anti-Trump” candidate, Ossoff may have a chance at taking Georiga’s 6th amid a divided Republican field. If the Democrats can pull off a win in such a red district, it might spell trouble for Republicans in 2018.


Democrat Jon Ossoff.

Democrat Jon Ossoff.

Jon Ossoff: The 29-year-old small business owner – he runs a firm specializing in anti-corruption investigations – once worked as a congressional aide and has the endorsements of Reps. John Lewis and Hank Johnson as well as some other party leaders.

Status: He’s in, and qualified on Monday. He told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he’s lined up more than $250,000 in financial commitments from supporters.

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