Judson has become a recognized national leader with his work creating conservative healthcare solutions that put patients first, addresses pre-existing health conditions, and expands choices and access to healthcare providers during his time in the Senate. His top priority in Congress will be immediately replacing Obamacare with affordable healthcare solutions that work.

What are his “affordable healthcare solutions that work?????


The federal government spends too much, taxes too much, and wastes too much. Our nation’s mounting debt is the single greatest threat to America’s future. That’s why Judson will fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to stop Washington’s out-of-control spending.

He wants to balance the budget by sending less in the 6th District.  How is that good for the 6th District?????


We must reestablish our focus on funding our national defense and security, and stand up to ISIS and extremists who threaten America. Judson is committed to ensuring that the men and women in uniform have all the tools necessary to do their jobs both at home and abroad, because restoring America’s leadership position in the world is an absolute priority.

No question we need a strong national defense.  However, a strong economy is the best defense.  And how is he going to defeat ISIS when he wants a Religious War between Christians and Muslims?????


Judson has always been a fierce advocate for the rights of Georgia gun owners. For his record in the state legislature, he’s consistently earned an “A+” rating from the National Rifle Association. In Washington, Judson will stand up to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

The 2nd Amendment is not un under attack.  But, he uses this to support the Far Right (Alt-Right) Militias that want to bring back Jim Crow and think the Civil War is not over and the South will rise again!!!!


Protecting the sanctity of life is something Judson takes very seriously. That is why he is proud of his 100% rating from National Right to Life and the endorsement of Georgia Right to Life for his record in the State Senate. We can always count on Judson to be a strong voice for the unborn.

How is forcing childbirth on all women, even those that should not have children, and at the same time taking away healthcare from those that born pro-life????


For too long, the federal government has crippled our economy with burdensome regulations and red tape. Judson knows in order to create new jobs and grow the economy, we must eliminate job-crushing regulations and support small businesses.

It is a canard to claim that the federal government is crippling our economy.  The correct way to say this is that the International Corporations are crippling our economy because they are only interested in their short term profits.


Every year, Georgians send too much of their hard-earned money to Washington. In Congress, we can count on Judson to fight for Georgia taxpayers to cut taxes across the board and implement the Fair Tax.

He wants to cut taxes on the corporations and cut spending on our community so that the International corporations get richer while the 6th District gets poorer.  He thinks this is a good strategy because he thinks the only way to make people work harder is to make them poorer.


As an officer in the Georgia State Defense Force, Judson has seen firsthand the sacrifices our veterans and their families make. Judson will honor our veterans by fighting to reform the Veterans Administration to ensure they have access to the best possible care and services our nation can provide. They deserve nothing less.

How will he do this if he is cutting taxes and cutting spending?????


Our nation’s immigration system and borders are broken. Safeguarding our national security is dependent on securing our southern border with Mexico. In Washington, Judson will fight to secure our borders and uphold our nation’s immigration laws.

Who will mow his lawn or paint his house or labor in the farms???  He will not?  His kids will not?  He is totally wrong about the problem and solutions to immigration and diversity.

State Sen. Judson Hill: Almost all of Hill’s Senate territory – which stretches from Cobb County to Sandy Springs – is in Price’s district. And Hill, who seems all but guaranteed to run, would try to unite Cobb voters behind him.

The former state Senator enjoys strong support from his Cobb County base. Hill is well known to Georgia voters, having ascended in conservative circles as an Assistant District Attorney in the Reagan Administration.



Republican Judson Hill

State Sen. Judson Hill: The first Republican to announce a bid, Hill jumped in shortly after Price was nominated. Almost all of Hill’s Senate territory – which stretches from Cobb County to Sandy Springs – is in Price’s district. And as the only high-profile Cobb candidate, he hopes to unite the county’s voters behind him.

StatusHe’s already scheduled two fundraisers, including one co-hosted by GOP uber-lobbyist Brad Alexander.


Feb 18

Two Republicans, Bob Gray of Johns Creek and Bruce LeVell, are pitching themselves as thorough Trump men. But the Sixth District as a whole wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about Trump last November. On the western side of the Sixth, in east Cobb, here’s how state Sen. Judson Hill, R-Marietta, attempted to thread the needle with a statement that followed Trump’s Thursday performance:

“The flood of sensitive, classified information coming out of our intelligence agencies could inflict long-term harm to the relationship between these agencies and the civilian leaders we elect to run the federal government,” Hill said. “If the president of the United States can’t trust intelligence agents to follow the law, that poses a direct threat to our national security. I believe strongly that Congress must provide oversight and root out this illegal behavior.”

Hill didn’t latch onto the president’s attack on the press. Candidates in campaigns, if they’re not Donald Trump, need decent relations with scribblers and TV types. But Hill is siding with Trump against the spies. To continue:

“By no means am I stating that members of this administration or any other should operate with impunity, nor do I take lightly the danger posed by Russia to the United States and its allies,” Hill said. “If inappropriate or illegal acts occurred, there’s a legal way to blow the whistle, and it’s not through selective leaks from intelligence agencies to the media.”

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