In a rambling post about the latest Trump change in direction, Erick Erickson points to the precise religious belief tearing our already great nation apart.

Notice in the following paragraph he calls the GOP stupid and the Libs “evil.”

Using the newly compressed legislative calendar as an excuse, they will undoubtedly cut several bad deals with Democrats and lump them all together in a couple of pieces of legislation. Remember, there are two parties in Washington, the stupid party and the evil party. Occasionally they get together and do something that is both stupid and evil and the press heralds it as a bipartisan accomplishment.

We are on the road to stupid and evil more expeditiously because of what President Trump just did.

Notice the use of the term “evil.”  According to orthodox conservatism Liberalism is “Evil!”  It is a simple concept for religious Conservatives to grasp.  People that want to give your money to other people without your permission are evil.  It is simple.  And they hear this message from their Sunday pulpits.